Sunday, February 1, 2009

3 Comments about the Super Bowl

1) What a great game!!! This was the kind of game after which I feel sorry for those stuffy people who don't like sports. I like indy films, theater, music of all kinds, but I won't likely see anything in any of those arts that is close to the thrill of a great game like this one. Those who can't appreciate sports are missing out on the best theater in the world.

2) Greatest Halftime show ever!!! Not the greatest Super Bowl halftime show, or even the best football halftime show, but the greatest halftime show in the history of halftime shows. A very young woman at the party where I watched the game, said that Janet Jackson was cooler than Bruce. He killed that argument with that performance. First time in my whole life that I didn't want halftime to be over! Anyone have an argument about that point? Please leave a comment.

3) My apologies to Kurt Warner. If you read my last post, if looks like an attack on Kurt Warner. I meant it to be an attack on athletes who are always talking about their religion, and Warner is certainly an example of that. But I didn't mean to say that is his in any way a bad guy. As a matter of fact, he seems to be a really good guy. He played his ass off and loss tonight, and I would still love to ask him those questions. And I imagine he would answer them like the gentleman he is, and I would probably not buy his answers. But isn't that kind of civil disagreement what America is all about? I didn't mean to make that comment a personal assault.

Great game, The Boss rocked, and Kurt Warner, even though he lost, played his ass off. And how great was Jennifer Hudson's singing of the national anthem?

A truly super Super Bowl. Not many years you could say that!

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