Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Want a little Economics education?

Did you major in Humanities in college, and now you wish you knew something about Economics? Wonder who the hell these Keynesians are, and why we should or shouldn't be among them? Don't have time to go back to school and major in Eco? Then I suggest "New Ideas from Dead Economists", by Todd Buchholz, which was loaned to me by a student who wrote a paper on if for extra credit last semester (thanks Charlotte!). If I were teaching an "Economics for Poets" class (and hey, you guys at Naropa, don't you think that's a great idea!) I would use this as the text book. Not technical or full of math, but it will give you an excellent history of the study of Economics, and the ideas that still shape our thinking. However, it was written some time ago, so it won't tell you how we got into the current mess.

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