Thursday, February 26, 2009

People are good!

You probably wouldn't expect a cynical curmudgeon like me to write a headline like the one above, but it turns out that many people are good. As an example, take Rockin Robin, a friend a fellow murder mystery actor, and her friend Joanne. When their friend Karen needed emergency surgery and could not pay her medical bills (great health care system we have here in America!) they organized a group of bands in the area, many of whom knew Karen as a fan, and got them to put on a show for her. And these weren't crappy garage bands happy to get a gig, but some excellent local musicians, including Lionel Young, winner of the 2008 International Blues Challenge, and a man who does amazing things with a violin. They also got a bunch of stuff donated for silent and live auctions (I did the auction). They ended up raising about $5k for her.

I couldn't decide whether to be angry that our health care system is so screwed up that this is how people who work have to pay for the medical care, or happy that I got to listen to such great music on a Sunday afternoon. Either way, events like this do tend to upset my general belief that people are stupid, evil and selfish. Maybe I just thought that way because that's the kind of government we had for the past 8 years.

Here's a picture of Karen between Robin and I. I know, it would look better if I cropped that guy on the left.