Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Wikipedia of Dicks

My friend Ed Ayres alerted me to Dickipedia, the wikipedia of Dicks. It's full of rather humorous writing about some of the more annoying citizens of the planet. However, it's not very up to date, as it has no listing for ARod.

Speaking of ARod, is there anyone who is shocked by the latest news? Disappointed maybe, but shocked? Remember, he was just one of 103 players who tested positive at the time. In other words, everyone was doing it. Which makes the witch hunt against Barry Bonds a huge waste of our tax dollars. Sure, he lied. But this is an issue baseball should be dealing with. Barry didn't do anything anyone else in baseball didn't do, and that includes lying about what he did. Unless his case is part of the stimulous package, keeping lawyers employed, then I think we can spend the millions being pissed away on more important things.

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