Saturday, February 21, 2009

A couple things

1) Went to see Christopher Moore at the Boulder Book Store last night. If you aren't familiar, he is the author of a bunch of amusing books, the most famous of which is called "Lamb", and is the gospel of Jesus during all those missing years in his life story, as told by his best friend Biff. The guy is hilarious, particularly the story he told about when he was young and worked in a ceramic plant. The plant made various xmas stuff, one of which was small reindeer. Since the reindeer were small, they had a lot of antlers around for them, because they broke easily. So, Moore and his friends started glueing the antlers onto other things. They started by putting them on camels that were part of Nativity scenes. After 2 weeks, no one had noticed, so they started putting antlers on the small baby Jesus statues. It took another week before they were told to cut it out, meaning hundreds of Jesuses had been shipped with antlers.

His new book is called "Fool", and is the story of King Lear as told by a fool. He seemed very proud that the book contains the phrase "heinous fuckery most foul". Can't wait to read it.

2) Sports Illustrated reports that the Giants will be using a system called "dynamic pricing" to price tickets according to demand for the actual game, based on team, pitchers, weather, and other factors. I expect we will see this idea spread. Here in CO, the sports columnists were outraged a few years back that the Rockies, who sucked really bad at the time, were charging more for games against teams like the Yankees. I believe the opposite is true. A game here in CO against the Yanks or Bosox is rare, demand is high, and tickets should go for more. Where the Rox are off base is charging "regular" prices for a Tuesday night game against Pittsburgh in early May. No one wants to go, but maybe if you lower the price, you will at least sell some beer.

An empty seat is like spoiled produce, a missed opportunity to sell a product. The sports world needs more "dynamic pricing", which will be better for teams and fans alike.

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Budd Bailey said...

Everyone is writing about attendance these days!