Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Donald Trump's casino company is in bankruptcy for the third time. Does he fire himself when this happens? No, he blames his bondholders, as if it is them managing the company (although he did resign from that company).

Trump is the most over-rated blowhard in American business, and that is his only major accomplishment. He grew up rich and got richer. Whoopee! He acts like he invented the real estate business, when in fact he inherited a bunch of property from his dad. Yet, he goes on tv as if he is the world's greatest expert in the art of business. And people buy into it....I assume the same people who watch American Idol.

It would be one good thing to come from our current economic troubles if "The Donald" (what the hell does that even mean?) were to end up broke, and the arrogant bastard has to watch as they take his name off of everything he so humbly plastered it on.