Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Geeks on TV

There isn't much watchable on TV these days (except hockey, of course!), but it seems the shows I find worth watching now have geeks in them. Here's what I mean:

The Big Bang Theory- This CBS sitcom on Monday nights is about a group of Physics PHDs, and their tragic interactions with the non-geek world. They use some real science stuff for humor (one character went to a Halloween party dressed as The Doppler Effect), and it works quite well. And the acting and writing is excellent. Unfortunately, CBS doesn't show full episodes on of this on it's web site, so you'll have to watch it or record it.

The IT Crowd- Few of you have probably seen this. It is on IFC, which you may not get on your cable or dish system. It is about 2 Geeks, working in the basement IT department of a big company, and their less geeky female boss who they are turning into one of them. It was created by Graham Linehan, the man responsible for other English classics "Father Ted" and "Black Books". Just hilirous, in a wierd English way. A recent show had the geeks using language from a "how to talk football" site to attempt to fit in as "proper men". Look for it on video some day if you don't have IFC

Fringe-This is a show with the feel of "The X-Files". This time, the main geek is a scientist who the FBI springs from a mental institution to solve strange crimes. Hard to explain in on paragraph, but well worth checking out. But you should go to Hulu, where you can watch all the episodes so far.

Bones-I came late to this show. Watched it one night and liked it, so I've watched more. Again, geeks using their geek powers to solve crimes, while having trouble fitting in socially with the non-geeks. Funny sometimes, and clever. You can watch a lot of the old ones on Hulu if you want to get hooked.

So, 4 shows about geeks, and hockey. That's what I watch on the television.

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