Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Probably Won't Hear it on Fox News but.....

NOAA announced that 2010 tied for the warmest year on record with 2005. In fact, 9 or the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001. Read the story HERE, because I'm pretty sure that this story gets buried at Fox, where there is no science or fact, only opinion. But remember, climate change is a liberal myth, evolution is just a theory, but God for sure exists, even though the science shows the opposite.

Oh, and I imagine that the folks on Fox also won't tell you that "God Bless America" composer Irving Berlin was, in fact, an Atheist. Go figure!


Anonymous said...

Part II

In the meantime, the environmental industry keeps conducting impossibly inconclusive studies, and getting caught lying and suppressing contrary evidence in the process in the name of science (look it up)! The science has got so bad hundreds and hundreds of physicists, geologists, meteorologists, and (collectively) scientists are dissenting and claiming its not science (look it up). Its a lot like cigarette companies continually funding research on smoking and lung cancer. Its not good for the environment. Its good for the environmental industry's pocketbook and that's about it (look it up, look it up). Wait, what? Its not global warming anymore? What is it? Oh, "Climate Change". You mean the climate is going to change? Just like it has been for eons? Right, but this time its alarming. Gotcha.

The environment has been taking care of itself for hundreds and hundreds of millions of years long before humans crawled out of the ice age 11,000 years ago. For even the above average mind this is too big of a concept to grasp. If the earth's environmental time were a football field, the time humans have would take up less than the thickness of a blade of grass at the end zone. Its amazingly arrogant to think that humans are having a meaningful impact on the environment. Especially considering recorded history has no record of a forest north of the Arctic circle , or a glacier in Kansas. Yet there is evidence of both before we existed in present form. Who on earth is responsible for that climate change? Is it presumptuous to guess it was the climate that killed them? Climate change legislation is about as arrogant as the U.S. government making marijuana illegal, as if that were going to save humans from themselves. No, it is not about saving humans. It is amazingly profitable to make it illegal! There seems to be a great business model here. Step 1: Legislate. Step 2: Profit!

Throughout human history, belief has always been found just past the limits of human understanding. Galileo was convicted and sentenced to death by a jury of his peers for having calculated that the earth was not the center of the universe, but in fact, traveled 'round the sun. His peers were unable to comprehend the possibility, let alone understand his observational astronomy and mathematical proof. Keep in mind this wasn't long ago. Columbus was already dead and both New York City and Boston were on the map (look it up).

The environmental industry is nothing more than the next religious industry, with varying faiths and denominations (geothermal, solar, wind, death by trash, recycling, warming, cooling, and finally "climate change" is the boogyman that will smite you.). The environmental industry claims to to comprehend something that is beyond comprehension. Which is why the word "belief" and "believes" comes up so often in conversations about the topic. Followed by the more dangerous cousin, "faith".

The hidden agenda? Well, that's hidden. But if you think about it, you might be able to figure it out. Its not easy to make a profit when everybody has so much freedom and personal responsibility. If freedom and responsibility could be reeled in a bit, it just might make sense. Step 1, Step 2. Legislate profits. The faithfully uninformed are the perfect tool of the environmental profiteers. Until there's another glacier in Kansas or a forest north of the Arctic circle the only environment that needs to change is the green one.

Anonymous said...

Part I

It is astronomically amazing the level of intelligence some people seem to have until they open their mouth about the environment. There are 2 kinds of people in the "green" industry: the faithfully uninformed, and those who profit from it.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is what gives this planet life, LIFE! This planet started with an earth's atmosphere of 97% CO2, a rich environment for life. The first life on earth was plants, and plants thrive on CO2. Eons of time of a rich plant based planet sucked the CO2 down to trace levels leaving a byproduct, oxygen. A rich environment of O2 made it possible for animal life. Eons of time pass and Earth finds homeostasis with some minor fluctuations that put rich forests north of the Arctic circle for some eons (look it up), and freeze it solid and cover Kansas in glaciers for other eons (look it up).

The modern day "green" industry was started in Germany in the late 80's by underemployed physicists attacking the competition, the much cheaper oil and gas industries. The physicists wanted to push nuclear energy as the alternative by publishing an extensive and threatening "greenhouse gas" report that would cause catastrophic global warming. It was a great strategy to attack big oil and reign them in a little. Too bad Chernobyl happened 4 months later. However, the then divided Germany's government used the physicists report to get back at the U.S. for decades of occupation and war reparations (look it up). The German government's plan was an extremely profitable wealth transfer strategy from the U.S. that benefited most all of Europe, but especially Germany.

Eventually the physicists report became the basis of the Kyoto Treaty via the U.N.s Environmental Development Summit in Brazil (look it up). What does Environmental Development mean? The only good way to develop the environment is letting Mother Nature work things out. Maybe if the word "Industry" were inserted in there it would make more sense. Environmental "Industry" Development. Ah, but that would give away the true agenda.

The Kyoto Treaty is the leading economy's of the world (except the U.S.) trying to "Marshall" money from the rich U.S. ATM (American Taxpayer Machine). The worldwide green industry has been built up and built up and built up pending the opening of the U.S.'s ATM (look it up). All the windmill companies, solar companies, geothermal companies, recycling companies, blah blah blah are frothing at the bit waiting for this wealth transfer to become law so they can cash in at the American taxpayers expense.

Glenn Locke, The Tall Thin Guy said...
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Glenn Locke, The Tall Thin Guy said...

Why are the nutjob posts always anonymous? And what does "you can look it up" mean. Where can I look it up? On "newsmax"? My post was about data, with a source of that data included. This long diatribe is a lot of nonsense, with no sources to back it up, written by an coward who lacks the courage to post his name, and the sense to support his ( or hers....let's not be sexist) wild claims.

And "mousy", as I will call this person, failed to mention who funds much of the "science" that claims that climate change is either not happening ( it is) or not caused by man( more dispute about this, but most scientists believe it is). That would be the oil and coal industries.

Again, funny how science is now a religion. If that is the case, I might go to that church, as it would be the first one based on research instead of blind faith!

Anonymous said...

"Wild Claims?" HAHAHAAA! HARDLY!!!

HTML tags are cumbersome in the comment section...and with such a low character restriction, it's nearly impossible to write commentary and include more than a couple here and there. For your reading enjoyment:

Arctic Forest

Kansas Glacier

UN Environmental Industry Development


Religious Lies

100 Dissenting Scientists

700 Dissenting Scientists

Easy Environmental Money

$100,000 Man

And the obligatory Wiki entry for Galileo

The environmental industry needs to purchase better science if those claims are going to stick. So far, they are unproven. There doesn't need to be ANY science to support claims of climate change. The Department of History is where you'll find those answers.

Science HAS turned into a religion that can be bought. The 800+ scientific professionals in the documents mentioned above apparently would like there to be a separation between science and political profiteering.

This could have been written by one of the scientists in the Minority Report, or the Open Letter to the Secretary General...or by someone without a high school education. Selectively leaving out certain pieces of information is the method the environmental industry. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for a blog comment, no?

Anonymous said...

A laughable summary video from a physicists blog

Here's his blog

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
~Carl Sagan~

Anonymous said...

"It is astronomically amazing the level of intelligence some people seem to have until they open their mouth about the environment."

Hi there "Mousy". I think your first sentence is a very good synopsis of the rest of your post. Have a nice weekend!

p.s. nobody cares what you think. After the first sentence it became clear you are a bloviator, so I just skipped over the rest of your nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Re: "bloviator"
We see the world as we see ourselves.

Re: "nonsense"
You didn't skip over the comment, you asked for references for the comment's content. It was those references you chose to ignore.

Should the tax dollars that fund your job dry up, the environmental industry will surely still be looking for people with selective scientific and selective research skills.

Thanks for playing!