Friday, January 29, 2010

The GOP called.

Somehow, I am on the Republican Party's fundraising list, which is quite hilarious in so many ways. First, no matter how much money I ever have in my life, I will never donate it to any political party, at least not based on what they are doing to this country now. In fact, I would piss on my $ and light it on fire before giving it to politicians who will use it to run ads full of lies and spreading of hatred. I have only donated to 2 political campaigns in my life, and those were the campaigns of friends who were running for local offices.

But, please don't tell the GOP what I just said, because I love getting their calls. They called yesterday, to tell me how I had to give them $200 so they could elect more Republicans to stop the "Obama/Pelosi" agenda. The conversation then went something like this:
Me: Then what is the Republican agenda, other than saying "no" to everything
Her: We are going to stop Obama.
Me: So I should help you get Republicans in power because of the great success of the first 8 years of this decade
Her: We are going to stop Obama
Me: But didn't the Republicans policies get where we are today? You want me to support more of that ( I am pretty sure I added some f-bombs in there to see how long she would go)
Her: We have to stop Obama
Me: But the Republicans fucked everything up!
Her: We have to stop Obama
(NOTE: Every "stop Obama" was stated slightly differently)

Finally, I was amused enough, and started laughing and said "You must have a really good decision tree system. You have a new way of repeating the same comeback to my objections". This just confused her completely, so I just laughed some more and said "look, I am definitely NOT giving you any money" and hung up.

Great fun, and I got a clear view of the vision that the GOP has for the country: Stop Obama, so we can go back to the good old days of the Bushies destroying the country.

Here, is what I guess their strategy is: They want to stop Obama from passing anything, particularly anything that might help the economy in the short run. Then, they will blame the Dems for not fixing everything in 2010, and hopefully, 2012. Then, they can go back to making America a great place to do business, particularly for polluters and white collar criminals, but not to live.

Yes, the Democrats suck, but the only worse is the GOP!!!!