Sunday, February 7, 2010

Was Daultry's scream as fake as the coin toss?

Before tonight's Super Bowl, some of us were explaining to the uninitiated that the coin toss you see at an NFL game is actually a fake. The actual toss takes place about 1/2 hour before the game. You may have noticed that the camera went in close on the commemerative coin when the ref explained which side was heads, but after he tossed it, you never saw how he landed. The ref just yelled "heads" and off everyone went (except those crazy enough to have taken the prop bet on the toss).

During half-time the conversation during the Who show was first, what would the last song be? I guessed right that they would, in these uncertain times, have to end with "We Won't Get Fooled Again". We also noticed that lead singer Roger Daltrey hadn't even attempted the high notes he used to sing so powerfully. So, when the started playing their classic finale, now the guess was, will he do the scream. As the song built to the famous point in the song with rock's greatest scream we leaned forward in anticipation, and .....there it was, a scream, not quite as powerful as the one we all know from "Who's Next". I said I didn't think he had it in him, and a few other partiers noticed that the camera was not on Daltrey at that point. Interesting, in a show that choreographed, that the camera wouldn't be on the lead singer for the most dramatic note in the song....unless.......well, was it Daltrey who screamed? And, if so, did he do it live or was it pre-recorded? I'm guessing the word will come out if there was any fakery. You just can't pull an Milli Vanilli and get away with it any more.

OH, and someone at the party said that Vegas had a line on whether Townsend would smash his guitar at the end of the set. Gotta love Vegas.


zobo said...

funny that I searched the web for "superbowl who fake scream" and came across this post. No, actually not a surprise to me! You are right as I am that the camera was lost for the most famous scream in rock history!s Yes, the band is old, but hey, the young punks that are out today wouldn't make a pimple on Townsends ass!

Anonymous said...

Half the band died before they got old, and what's left of 'em looked like their generation's Geritol pitch men. The scream was a fake. And, contrary to what one Rockin' Robin would say, Grace Slick was right when she said 50 year olds have no business whatsoever trying to rock out. For just once I'd love to hear a song by McCartney, or Jagger or Springstein with lyrics that speak of what it's like to get it up at 60 in front of 80,000 screaming fans. Advanced age and rock and roll have no business claiming authenticity. Daltry is a relic.