Monday, February 22, 2010

Stuff from some friends

A couple of things from friends recently that may interest you.

For those of you who live here on the Front Range of Colorado, my ski buddy Claire Walter has a web site called "Mile High on the Cheap", which does exactly what you would think. Claire and her partner find freebies and bargains in the Denver-Boulder area on all sorts of stuff. Check it out, and sign up for the free daily email.

Another friend of mine, Zoe Katsulos, started a travel company a few years ago called Humanitourism. Their hook is this to combine humanitarian work with adventure travel. I haven't taken part in any of their tours, but if Zoe is involved, it must be fun and good for the world. If you're looking for a fun and meaningful adventure, please check them out.

Finally, thanks to Ed Ayres for sending this video of a standup comedian who calls herself Mrs. Hughes. She's the antithesis of Dane and funny. Enjoy!

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ClaireWalter said...

TallNThin - How can I thank thee for telling your friends about Just with fervent gratitude, sincerity and hopes that we get out on the slopes again before the season melts away.