Sunday, February 14, 2010

Economics of dating and a horror story and Freakonomics radio

Did you spend Valentine's Day alone watching NBC make a televised disgrace out of another Olympics? Or, even if you didn't, you might enjoy Lori Gottlieb's very economic take on why she has been single for so long. It was on NPR's Marketplace Money over the weekend, and you can read it or download the whole show HERE.

Or, perhaps your taste runs to horror stories. If so, you might want to read this NY Times Magazine story by Russell Shorto called "How Christian Were The Founding Fathers". In this scary story, a group of batshit crazy right wing religious nuts are determining the teaching standards for history in the state of Texas, despite the fact that none of them has any expertise in the subject. And, even scarier, they are able to influence teaching standards throughout the country, based on the size of the Texas market. If only this horror story were fiction! It's not. Anything I can do to advance the cause of Texas seceding?

Finally, some good news. The guys at Freakonomics have created "Freakonomics Radio". So far, it is one interesting podcast about whether new safer products make us behave more recklessly. Here's hoping they do a lot more of these. You can download the podcast HERE.

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