Friday, February 26, 2010

This is not a hoax!!!!!! And a few funny things from my classes

Just a couple things as I watch the US hockey team stomp all over the Finns.

The other day after teaching about the concepts of "consumer surplus", which I often describe as "happiness" that consumers have when they buy something for less than they were willing to pay, I said at the end of class that in the next class I would show how we can destroy happiness. An older student in the front of class replied "Get married!".

Today, my class wondered what people with small penises and smaller brains would drive around in now that Hummers will no longer be manufactured.

Later, one of the students said something about having porn on his Ipod. We determined watching that would surely make you go blind (think about it!).

Who says economics is the dismal science.

Finally, I have been a fan for many years of the web site They are a non-partisan site that checks the facts of the claims of politicians everywhere. Although they are a bit nitpicky at times, they mostly do good work debunking bullshit from all sources. They have a weekly email you can subscribe to, and today it included the video below, about how to recognize a chain email that is utter nonsense. Share it with your crazy uncle!

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