Friday, January 22, 2010

What a bad week in politics

The victory in the Mass. senate election of Scott Brown was bad for America, giving the GOP the ability to say NO to anything Congress might pass. Since the GOP has no answers to any of the world's problems, some of which they had a big hand in causing, they have taken the political strategy of making sure nothing gets passed that might actually make things better. Then, of course, they will claim the Dems are responsible for all the world's problems. Good strategy, except for the part where none of our problems gets fixed. But they could care less, as long as they can get back in power.

And now the GOP will gets some more help from the right wingers now in power on the Supreme Court. To deny corporations the opportunity to buy elections and/or politicians by using their considerable resources to advertise unfettered regarding elections was not to deny them free speech. There was no law saying corporations or their representatives could not speak on political issues. It just prevented them from using their money to be the only voices heard.

Today' NYT editorial, which you can read HERE, does a much better job of explaining the horrors we can now expect as a result of this "judicial activism"......something the conservative always said they opposed. Yet, there they were, overturning laws that have previously been upheld, and which were passed with great public support by Congress.

So, if you thing that those poor corporations aren't getting enough say in our government, well then, that has just been fixed. It is obvious based on the handling of the financial crisis that the opposite is true, and it is about to get worse. Congress has shown little enough interest in fixing problems in ways that might upset any potential corporate donors. We can now forget about any rational fix of health care or the financial system. We thought we were rid of the Bush administration, but the damage he has done with his extreme right wing court appointments will be haunting us for years. The court will carry on the Bushies work of returning this country to the robber-baron culture of 100 years ago (the good old days that conservatives talk about!).

Maybe Congress can pass a law that politicians need to wear the logos on their suits of their corporate benefactors.

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