Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Fan

After a day of watching football, I watched the indy film "Big Fan" tonight. It's a rather dark look at sports fandom, starring Patton Oswalt as a Giants fan who is so devout he puts the team ahead of ....well, you won't really believe it until you watch it. And I do recommend you watch it.

If, like me, you are a sports fan who has probably cared too much about the success of a bunch of complete strangers because they wear a certain jersey, "Big Fan" will amuse you while also making you feel extremely uncomfortable. The film is a real shot at the sports-talk radio culture. There are certainly a lot of guys who listen to this stuff all day, and have to get in their "take" (as Jim Rome would call it). In the case of "Big Fan", his take is the only high point in an otherwise dreary existence. The main character has made this sports and talk radio world the center of his life. While I have never called a sports talk show not hosted by a close friend (perhaps Budd Bailey would like to comment on that!), I couldn't help thinking I was something like this complete loser of a main character. This very afternoon, while watching football at the bar, I had a very serious, thoughtful conversation with my friend Clint about why Todd Helton should bat second for the Rockies.

This reminds me of a sketch I wrote for my old comedy group back in CT. A guy, played by yours truly, is watching the game while his girlfriend wants to talk about their relationship. She mistakes his yelling at the game as his response to her questions. His only real response to her is when she asks how he feels as the game goes to commercial. His response: "I feel like another beer". At the end of the scene, she is rushing off to call her mom, certain that they are engaged, while he celebrates a Giants win (sorry Bills fans, but had to set the scene in the NY area). One of the favorite pieces of mine that I've written....oh who am I kidding, it wrote itself!

Anyone who has ever yelled at the TV during a game should watch "Big Fan" (It is available for immediate play on Netflix). Then, maybe we should all go for a bike ride on Super Sunday!

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