Friday, January 15, 2010

Non-stop NFL action? Hardly

The Wall Street Journal has a story today about what actually takes place during an average NFL telecast. According to their research, and the research of others who have looked into this and were consulted by the WSJ, the average game contains, get this, 10 MINUTES AND 43 SECONDS OF ACTUAL GAME TIME! That's right, and NFL game is 11 minutes of action (or 13, if you like the other experts WSJ consulted) crammed into only 3 hours of your life. About an hour of that time is taken up by TV commercials.

People find out I am a soccer and hockey fan, and they declare those sport boring, because they often have low scores. But when I watch a hockey or soccer game, I know I will actually see 60 minutes of action, when the ball is in play. When I watch a football game, I am always sure to have something to read and the remote handy. And this is one reason I have always disliked attending NFL games: there is just too much time in the stadium when nothing is happening. And, at the game, I have no remote.

The chart above shows the breakdown of game time that WSJ discovered. You can read the whole story (if you are a WSJ subscriber) HERE
Or, if you prefer, you can watch the video below

Maybe this is why everyone watches the Super Bowl to see the ads!

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infogoddess said...

..which is precisely why I don't bother with anything to do with American football.... I sat through a viewing of the Super Bowl once (I think to appease family members) and I just didn't get it - it has to be the most boring sport in the world