Friday, January 22, 2010

The sad decline of the WSJ

I have been reading the WSJ since I was forced to buy it for a macroeconomics class in college. While I don't require my students to read it, I have always recommended that they do, telling them that, although the op/ed page is run by the insane, the news part of the paper is....or notch. (In fact, I recently told a conservative friend of mine that WSJ doesn't need comics as long as it has the op/ed page).

Then, Rupert Murdoch bought it. Shortly thereafter, I noticed that the right wing slant of the op/ed page was creeping into the front page headlines. I stopped subscribing to it ( I can read it online for free through school), not wanting to give a man like Murdoch, who has done so much to destroy America (by having his media outlets blindly support the stupidity of the Bush administration) my money. I was not sure that my dislike of Murdoch wasn't just causing me to believe this, but today Barry Ritholtz writes about the same thing I have noticed. What a shame.

You can read Ritholtz take on the Journal HERE.

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Budd Bailey said...

I think the editors of the WSJ feel rather boxed in. They want the economy to rebound, but they don't want to give the Obama Administration any credit for it.