Monday, October 20, 2008

This is just wrong....our health care system that is!!!

If you don't believe our health care system in this country is not only wasteful, inefficient and overly expensive, if not just plain immoral, take a look at this portion of an email I received today from one of my students, who has previously served in the military.
Two weeks ago I started to feel ill. I had head aches, low grade temperature, and a cough. I assumed it was a cold or the flu and took some old medications. Last week it started to get worse. Still had all the original symptoms but also started having muscle ache, and felt very tired. I went to the V.A. hospital in Greeley and they told me that I made to much money to be treated for free and that I would have to pay. I do not have the money or insurance to pay for treatment. I also tried an income based clinic in Loveland with the same results. I called a P.A. that I used to work with and told him my symptoms. He told me that it sounded like I had pnemonia or bronchitis but couldn't be sure without running tests. He said it was likely that if it was pnemonia it was the viral form since my sputum is not showing any coloration. In any case he told me to treat it like the flu (rest, fluids, and stay away from others because it is contagious), and if it gets any worse try the E.R. since they can't turn down life threatned patients. I have been missing work and school, and without a doctors note I can not prove that I am actually sick, which I very am
So here's a kid who served his country, and is now working hard to make money so he can pay for school, where he is also working hard to make a better life. What does he get in return? Screwed!!! This is just so fucking wrong it makes me crazy (sorry Dad, but I can't describe our health care system without use of the F word).

Our health care system doesn't need the ridiculous tax credits that McCain proposes, or even the moderate changes Obama proposes. It needs to be blown up and completely rebuilt. We pay twice as much per capita, and almost twice as much of our GDP for health care in this country as every other country in the world. And we get worse results. The richest country in the history of the world makes it's former soldiers have to choose between education and health care?

And we want to be the world's moral leader?

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