Friday, October 3, 2008

Goshdarnit isn't Sarah cute, but where is that w guy?

One of the students in my Thursday night class works at a Branch of Wells Fargo. She tells me that people have been coming into the bank all week to take their money out, because they are worried. Runs on the banks are what made the Great Depression GREAT. This begs the question "Why isn't someone on TV, maybe a leadership figure, reminding Americans that their bank accounts are insured and safe up to $100k (now, I guess, 250)"? Don't we have a guy who is supposed to lead in emergencies.....what's his name now....I know it...oh yeah, it's w.

Nice work, Decider! I'm pretty sure you will go down in history as the Crisis President, and I don't mean for dealing with them brilliantly, but for failing to pay attention to anything until it reached crisis level. Is that what they teach at Harvard Business School? Glad I went to Michigan.

I only managed to catch about 15 minutes in the middle of the VP Debate last night, which is pretty much about the limit of listening to Sarah Palin talk. My impression of the Moosedressing Mom (I just made that up...feel free to spread it around!) is that her responses to questions sounded like what my students do on tests when they don't know the answer........they write down everything they do know in hope that they will get some credit or hit the answer by accident. If she had said one more "folksy" thing like "goshdarnit" I would have had to shoot the tv.

Meanwhile, I guess, by the fact that Obama is now trading at 68% on Intrade, Joe Biden didn't shoot himself in the foot last night, which would usually mean also shooting himself in the mouth, as his foot so often ends up there. I wonder if Joe watched FDR's televised debate against Abraham Lincoln in preparation.

I can't believe we have to endure another month of negative political ads on tv!

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Anonymous said...

Where is the W? I guess you happened to forget that the W proposed this bailout bill to the congress then they screwed it up the first time, but got it right the second time.