Monday, October 20, 2008

Hilarious Palin stuff

I don't know who produced this, but I'd sure like to. Ed Ayers, who is not a domestic terrorist, sent it to me. Click here to see the Palin Oval Office.


Fiona said...

and make sure you click on all the stuff in the room - I love the Bridge to Nowhere and opening the door (you have to do it 3 times)

Anonymous said...

So when he admitted he was a terrorist and said "he didnt do enough" back in 2002 doesnt make him a terrorisit? Clearly your overwhelming liberal views are clouding your better judgement. From now on, much as we see on TV you should refer to yourself as BOULDER LIBERAL Glenn Locke. One last issue prove to us all that Obama believes the same things you teach in your class, as in Free Market, Trade is good, Tax causes dead weight loss.
PS This is all in good fun!!