Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random thoughts for today.

If GM and Chrysler do merge, will the new company be called Dumb and Dumber?

The Hockey MILF is now talking about Obama's connection to Rashief Khalidi, a Palestinian professor. Turns out McCain was involved in funding the guys group back int he 90's. Clearly, they are desperately trying to play the "Obama is a Muslim" card without coming out and saying it directly......what should we call that, "indirect lying"?.

Phillies finished off the Rays last night in an excellent 3 inning game. Based on how long it now takes to play an MLB playoff game, maybe they should consider holding all of them over several days, so kids can stay up and watch.

The series ending last night means that no Halloween parties will be ruined this weekend by having the game on, as one I attended back in 1986 was. It was the night of the famous Bill Buckner game, and I was at a the house of legendary partier Dennis Ward (dressed as "The Thing With 2 Heads"). Everyone knows that having the TV on at a party kills the party, but no one was going to turn this game off, not when the Bosox were about to finally win the series. There was a woman there, dressed in a Mets uniform, who was cheering wildly, or obnoxiously to many of us, as things went wrong for the Sox. Never bothered to find out her name, as I'd always hated the Mets, and I didn't much like her at the time. Well, a few years later my best friend Budd, a lifetime Sox fan, meets this woman at a party (she was not wearing the Mets uni at the time). They have been married now for, I think, 17 years. Good thing Budd wasn't at that Halloween party!

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