Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes, the Democrats suck, but the alternative is even worse!

Having the Democrats in charge of Congress and the White House has not done much to fix what's wrong with this country. In part, this is because the Dems are no where near as united in their policy goals as the GOP was when they spent 6 years destroying the country while they were in power. And, in part, is because the Dems also harbor some policy beliefs that are as stupid as the GOP's. And of course, just like the GOP, they are all politicians, dedicated to saying or doing anything to get re-elected while catering to the special interests who line their pockets.

(Interesting aside: In the test books I use, written by N. Gregory Mankiw, there are many homework questions that involve analyzing a quotation by a politician. In all of these questions, the politician, no matter who he is, or what party he represents, has said something that is completely wrong in terms of it's understanding of Economics!)

So yes, the Democrats are horrible at running the country. But remember this: The GOP is much, much worse. The Democrats have not started a war. They have not set out to deregulate everything so that Americans are less safe. They have at least done something about our fucked-up health care situation, although nowhere near enough. But remember, the GOP was fine with our overpriced, unfair, ineffective system as it was.

If you want a reminder how bad the Bush years were, and those are still the policies that the GOP wants to enact, then read THIS COLUMN BY NOBEL WINNING ECONOMIST PAUL KRUGMAN!


Anonymous said...

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Anonymous said...

The Republicrats are the foxes guarding the sheeple and deciding what to have for supper.