Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm going with the octopus

First let me ask this question: With the World Cup final game taking place on Sunday, baseball in mid-season, and the Tour de France going on, why is does ESPN think that the only sports story in the world is who Lebron James wants to play for? The reason to care is to know what NBA team to root against next year, as another spoiled millionaire abandons his home town.

As for the World Cup final, well, who what sporting event would be complete without some crazy predictions. Your choice for the world cup is the German octopus, or the parakeet in Singapore. Both animals analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each teams players and coaches. The octopus is going with Spain, the parakeet Holland.

I am going with the octopus. Spain looked pretty impressive against an excellent German team the other day, while the Netherlands, despite the score, had their hands full with Uraguay. And these guys have already shown they know how to win a big tournament, the Euro championship in 2008. Also, the fact that so many of the Spanish team play together at Barcelona year round (please, somebody, get La Liga back on the Dish network!) makes me think they go home with the hardware.

I just ask one thing from this game: a goal in regulation time. Please, no more penalty kicks to decide the winner!

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Budd Bailey said...

The beautiful game wasn't particularly beautiful, what with 14 yellow cards.

Rob Ray may sign with the Netherlands next week.