Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fun Thing to do on Sunday

Here is a fun thing to do today after watching the Arsenal-Chelsea derby:

1) Read Nicholas Kristoff's column in today's NYTimes HERE
2) Explain how a wealthy, supposedly moral society would let things like this happen
3) Explain how the Republicans, who claim to be the party of morality, can consistently resist any changes to a health care system that allows this to happen.
4) Look forward to tomorrow night's Pats-Saints game....hey, we can't suffer all the time!

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banana fanafofana said...

BRAVO to Nicholas Kristof for his "Are We Going to Let John Die?" article!!! The health insurance - and lack thereof - in this country is tragically pathetic. How beautiful and equitable it could be for the US to adopt universal coverage! John could try moving he and his family north to Canada - I bet he would be able to have the operation...but would this be in time?