Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 Funny Pictures

As I mentioned earlier, I was in a play that had a short run that finished last week. Set in 1915, I played a bad lawyer who screws up the murder case of union organizer Joe Hill. With me in the photo above is Juan, who, although being 22 and Mexican, bravely plays 13 year old Martin Henderson in the play. They gave him the blond wig in an effort to make him look young and Anglo. We couldn't decide which of us look sillier, so you can decide for yourself.

On a totally related note, enjoy this picture of how Americans view the world, courtesy of Barry Ritholtz's blog.


do bananas grow well in FL? said...

Juan in the wig is sillier by far! You are looking most dapper.

However, the map figure is the most ridiculous of all!

infogoddess said...

love the threads man! the map is hilarious - have you seen the video of Al Franken drawing the United States from memory? It's part of the National Geographic site which has Senators trying to draw their home states and place three important things in it http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2009/12/departments/senator-maps