Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More about guns in my hood

Saturday I wrote about the bullet that had hit the structure in which I live. Since then, the police and the DA had a look at the situation, and despite the fact that a law was clearly violated, decided to not to cite the shooters. Could it be because the the shooters were also cops? I can't imagine, in a city that rigorously enforces so many crazy laws, that these guys are going to slide. You can read the story here, and as usual with a Camera story, the comments are way better than the story.

The guys who were shooting for "fun" were firing things like AK-47's within a couple hundred yards of a populated area. My question is: Does shooting such a gun make your penis bigger?

Jason and Cindy, who's house was hit, have 2 dogs, so I can imagine how protected they will feel the next time they get a ticket for some dog-related violation. Perhaps the Boulder police are too busy breaking up frat parties and arresting naked pumpkin runners to worry about a little thing like gunfire in residential neighborhoods.