Monday, December 29, 2008

The Year in Review

I would write my own "year in review" if I could write stuff like this:

The CEOs of the Increasingly Small Three auto makers return to Washington to resume pleading for a bailout, this time telling Congress that if they can reach an agreement that day, they will throw in the undercoating, the satellite-radio package AND a set of floor mats. ''We're actually LOSING MONEY on this deal!'' they assure Congress. Finally they reach a $13.4 billion agreement under which the car companies will continue to provide jobs, medical insurance and pension benefits, but will cease producing actual cars. The agreement will be overseen by the federal government, using its legendary ability to keep things on budget.

You know who can? The Great Dave Barry. New stuff from Dave only comes a few times a year, so you better go here to read the whole thing.

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Aceman from Hanover said...

Paraphrased from a Wall Street Journal editorial -

car salesman: What will it take to put you in a new car today? Let me heck with Hank in Finance for some great loan rates.