Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Did the Yankees overpay?

I was having lunch with my friend Budd Bailey today, talking about how the Yankees are the only team feeling comfortable spending the big $$$ on players, knowing they will have big revenues next year from the new stadium. We were wondering how Scott Boras is going to feel for advising his clients not to grab the big deals that came early, as more teams pull their offers off the table, as happened with Texiera. And, again, we wonder what the heck Manny was thinking!

The Sports Economist has a couple interesting articles recently about baseball. The most interesting is a story about the Yankees luxury tax payment for 2008, which EXCEEDS THE PAYROLL OF THE RAYS!! There is also a calculation speculating that for what the Yanks will pay in luxury tax during the course of CC's contract, they could have BOUGHT THE RAYS!

Is this a crazy world or what?

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