Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Xmas Dream

As I conjure my annual xmas poem in my head (expect to see it by next Tuesday), I will spill the beans on something I've always wanted to do, but never had the cojones.

Here's the plan: I get a Santa Claus suit, a good one so the full beard covers my face. Then, on a night during the xmas season like this coming Saturday, when there are lots of xmas parties, I drive around in nice neighborhoods, looking for houses with lots of cars and lights. I find a good party and crash it....who is going to throw Santa out of their xmas party!!! I let out some mighty "HO HO HO"'s. I drink their booze, eat their food, and fondle their women just long enough, not staying too long so that they can figure out that nobody knows me. Then,it's back in my sleigh (or Subaru actually), and on to the next house. Then, I look for the story in the next day's newspaper about a mysterious Santa.

Maybe I should write this idea up as a sequel to "The Wedding Crashers".

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