Saturday, November 1, 2008

Won't we all miss those political ads?

It's almost over. By that, I mean the barrage of negative ads, people accosting me with stickers, and ridiculous robo-calls. It is not so great living in a swing state!

My, how quickly things can change. Earlier in the year the Federal Reserve was raising interest rates, worried about inflation. Now, the fear is even more dire: DEFLATION! Sounds like it would be great if prices all went down, but it is far more dangerous than a bit of inflation. Read the story in today's NYTIMES.

Halloween here in Boulder is a huge deal. I was performing in a murder mystery at the Boulderado in downtown Boulder last night, playing a ventriloquist. So, before the show, the dummy and I went out and walked around the Pearl St. Mall for a while, in character. What a riot! If you wanna see a confused face, watch a 4 year old go face to face with a ventriloquist dummy. And after the show, I managed to catch the Naked Pumpkin Run. Halloween is definitely the best holiday!

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beth said...

Isn't you walking around with a dummy redundant?

your loving sister-