Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Destroys Economy!

Obama gets elected, the stock market tanks.....must be his fault. IMPEACH!

I'm guessing maybe Obama woke up yesterday morning, realized the state that the world was in, and said to Michelle "My God, what the hell did I do!" Getting elected is going to seem easy compared to he job ahead of him.

Andrew Young had a great line on Colbert last night. He said that the world was so screwed up that nobody else wanted to run it, "so you dumped it on us".

Finally, it is still unknown whether Al Franken won his senate race in Minn. Minnesota elected a wrestler as Gov., and this country has sent legions of bad actors, football players, and baseball players (anyone seen a recent interview with Jim Bunning....he may be the dumbest man I've ever seen!) to Congress, yet comedians are, as Woody Allen once said, not allowed to sit at the adult table. This is crazy. I guarantee that it takes twice the mental abilities to be even a mediocre professional comedian (like Franken) as it does to be an actor or athlete. And wouldn't the possibility of a spit take during a speech be a bonus!

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