Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Freidman on Detroit

In case you missed it, Thomas Friedman does a great job of summing up the US Auto Industry situation today. Friedman is a big believer in the power of innovation to make the world better off......which means he thinks Detroit is full of bone-heads. Read his column here. Oh, and if you were someone looking for a stocking stuffer for a tall, thin guy for xmas, Friedman's new book might be a good choice.

There is a comment on the previous post asking how I like the Daily Beast. This is a fairly new site that is, I think, trying to be the future of what will replace the newspaper when they die. It provides a front page full of summaries of various articles from a variety of sources, and video clips as well. And, it has it's own unique content. It got a real boost a few weeks ago when Chris Buckley moved his weekly column there after his dad's magazine gave him the boot for endorsing Obama. It's definitely worth checking out, but it may lead you to waste all day reading the stories it has collected.

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