Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank the Senate for saving our sports!

Really, does the Senate need to be wasting it's time holding hearing on steroids in baseball. Okay, maybe you could say a criminal conspiracy existed in baseball as owners and the commish turned a blind eye to roid induced HR's because it boosted the bottom line. But is this what we elect these guys for?

Far sillier is Arlen Specter's concern about the Patriots taping other teams, and destroying the tapes. Really Sen. Specter, you are going to waste the taxpayer's money on this because the Pats beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

On a more intelligent note, check out the discussions of Roger Clemens career stats on the Sports Economist. ( see link to right). Very interesting stuff.

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ClaireWalter said...

As long as Congress mucks around with big-time sports (even if the justification is the federal charter or whatever for MLB), they don't have time to deal with health care, the Iraq War, global warming, American dependence on fossil fuels, the rebuilding of New Orleans, substandard education and the folly of No Child Left Behind, whether NAFTA is a Good Thing or a Bad Thing, deteriorating federal highways, an overburdened air control system, FEMA trailers that make people sick, the fact that there are only 12 Space Shuttle missions scheduled before the birds are due to retired and American astronauts will be riding to and fron the International Space Station on Russian craft, etc., etc., etc.