Sunday, February 17, 2008

How I used a baseball cap to start a dead car.

Friday I went skiing at Keystone on a beautiful day with my neighbor Cathy. Cathy, who is a free-lance writer, drove because she had to leave the sun-drenched slopes in the middle of the day to participate in a conference call with some clients, which she did while sitting in her car.. During her call, she had the ignition on, and I'm guessing the lights as well.

I was wearing my Buffalo Sabers baseball cap that day, and when we were enjoying the best part of skiing.....changing out of the boots back into comfy shoes....the guy in the jeep next to us saw my hat and asked if I was from Buffalo. He was from West Seneca, and we talked hockey a bit, as Buffalonians tend to do.

When Cathy turns the key to start the car, she gets nothing but a clicking noise. “That doesn't sound good” she says.

Having survived my lean years in Buffalo with a series of horrible cars, I knew the sound immediately. “Your battery is dead”.


“Oh yeah, but don't worry, I know what to do”.

I jumped out of the car and shouted to my homeboy “Hey, do you have jumper cables. Our battery is dead”, knowing full well that a dude from Bufalo would certainly have jumper cables..

A few minutes later we were on our way, with the help of a friendly former Buffalonian. Cathy, who grew up in New Jersey, was amazed. I pointed out to her that this is what we learn growing up in Buffalo. You're prepared for bad stuff to happen, and when it happens to someone else, you help them, and ask nothing in return. If you see a stranger stuck in the snow, you push them out, knowing the same courtesy will be extended to you when you need it. And yes, I have jumper cables in my car too.

I love living in Boulder, and wouldn't move back to Buffalo for anything, but I'm proud to be from Buffalo, in part because of the values I learned there.

Go Sabres!

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drea said...

HAHA! KY too. Not only are people sometimes eerily, but thankfully, friendly, but it's 30 miles to the nearest "town" from anywhere!