Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a few thoughts.....

It looks like the writer's strike will end tomorrow, just in time for the comedy writers to have missed all the best Presidential candidates, at least from their perspective. Romney, Kucinich, Guliani.....these guys where a writer's dream. Obama and McCain don't bring much easy comedy material, which is why I'm sure John Stewart is going to be pretty happy when his writers come back to work. Of course, where there is Hillary there is also Bill, the greatest President in US history from a comedy writer's perspective (and to think I voted for Perot in 92 because I thought he would provide the most laughs!).

Meanwhile, at Tradesports.com Obama is now trading at a 70% certainty of getting the nomination, up 23 points since before Super Tue, and 16 from last Wed. So if McCain and Obama become the nominees, what is America saying? I think we are saying we are sick of the hate-filled, divisive, Bush v Clinton politics. That we want our politicians to work together to solve problems, not to politicize things that are just too important. We want solutions, not more bullshit. And for my Republican friends, they appear to be saying that Rush and Colter and the other blabbering idiots have lost their influence. I think this is a good sign. And it is now certain that our next President will be a vast......is there a bigger word than "vast" I should use here.....improvement over Idiot Boy Bush.

Finally, and not relating to politics at all, it looks like Richard Zednick will fully recover from a life threatening gash to his throat suffered the other night in Buffalo. Oddly, the last time this happened in the NHL was also in Buffalo in 1989. My good friend Budd Bailey was working for the Sabres PR department that night, and you can read about his experience the night that Clint Malarchuk's throat was slashed by a skate here . A story in today's Denver Post has Jacques Cloutier, currently and Avs assistant coach, saying his knees where shaking when he replaced Malarchuk in the nets after they scraped up all the blood. Imagine the coach turning to you and saying "Go in there and replace that guy who might be dead. And don't let in any goals!"

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