Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Important Xmas Info!!!!!!

Still looking for just the right Xmas gift for Sarah Palin? Wouldn't a camouflage toilet seat be perfect for her? This is just one of the wonderful gift suggestions you can find in Dave Barry's 2010 Guide to Holiday Gifts, which is clearly the second greatest Xmas tradition ever (Getting drunk and eating steak on a stick for dinner at Friday's on Xmas Eve is tops!).

But what if it turns out that the pillow tie Dave suggests is not the right gift for your narcoleptic history teacher? Ooops! Now there is a dead weight loss. So you need to read this detailed academic study by Yale economist Joel Waldfogel that estimates the annual dead weight loss from bad gifts at between $4 and $14 billion. Merry effing Xmas from another Dismal Scientist.

Yes, I post this stuff every year, but where would we be without tradition!

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