Monday, December 6, 2010


I will be writing my annual xmas poem next week, IF I can find a topic. Right now I am drawing a blank. Any suggestions via the comments below would be appreciated!


Kevin said...

Well, this gave me a great excuse to go back and review the previous two poems, and they were a hoot.

This year, the corporate overlords (or at least their lawyers) have decreed that if we are to have some kind of celebratory get-together of employees, not only can we not call it a Christmas Party, we are also forbidden from referring to it as a Holiday Party. They would prefer, in fact, if we didn't call it a "party" at all.

Perhaps you could compose something around Political Correctness. In any case, I'm sure whatever you come up with will be stunningly brilliant.

No pressure, though.

infogoddess said...

seems to me Congress as the Grinch would be worth exploring except that it would require some sort redemption at the end and I don't see that happening -- how about a North Korean Christmas Carol?

Budd Bailey said...

Hmmm ... John Boehmer as Santa Claus, taking presents instead of leaving them.