Saturday, June 12, 2010

US Wins 1-1!

Robert Green, meet Bill Buckner. And Scott Norwood.

No doubt every punter in a pub in England is cursing the English keeper for his gift to the US team of a goal that he clearly should have stopped. For the US, this is a great result. A tie with the heavily favored English side means we head into what are supposed to be the 2 easy games in good shape.

It is likely that Slovenia is going to play a tight game and a horrible 0-0 draw with them is a strong possibility, but if we do that and beat Algeria, the US lads should be through to the next round.

Oh, and I hope you saw the Argentina-Nigeria game this morning. Great action.

By the way, I don't know how popular the World Cup is where you live, but here in Boulder it is pretty huge. I had to work on the Banjo Billy bus this afternoon, so I went downtown early to watch the game in a bar before I worked. I went to what might have been my #4 choice of a place to watch, but even that was packed. I ended up going to the Corner Bar in the Boulderado Hotel, where they were clearly expecting very little business, and were shocked by the overflow from every place else in town coming in to watch and eat.

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infogoddess said... forgot to mention South Korea's big win over Greece ... some great pics of the fans in Seoul can be found here unfortunately the horribly written official t-shirt can be found everywhere - let me know if you want one