Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soccer is SOOOOOOO Boring!

Soccer is boring. You've heard it from American sports journalists who revel in a 4 hour Yankees/Redsox 2-1 game where no one will get in the batter's box, or a 44-0 halftime score at a college football game, or the NFL, where the ball is in play for 11 minutes out of the over 3 hours the game takes to conclude.

If you watched today's Team USA game you know what a lie that is. One of the most exciting sporting events I've ever witnessed. My heart is still pumping 4 hours later.

It would have been a crime if the US team had not advanced to the next round. Again today a goal was stolen from us, this time indisputably. Had Donovan not banged in the winner in extra time, the team that had played the best football in Group C would have been packing for home, having 2 wins stolen by bad officiating.

Instead, the US deservedly won the group, and will go on to play Germany or Ghana....likely Ghana as Germany leads 1-0 with 5 minutes left as I write this. Are we going to win the cup? Hell no! Do we deserve to be in the next round? Hell yes. Can we beat Ghana? Why not!

I'm just glad that the World Cup will continue to interest sports fans in this country for at least 3 more days.

I watched the game in a packed bar in Boulder, my third choice as to places to watch, but numbers 1 and 2 were full long before game time. I told people this morning I have now seen 2 things that I never thought I would in my life: A Black President, and Americans filling up bars at 8AM to watch soccer. It's so Boring!

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