Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our sports controversies are soooo lame!

If you've been paying attention to the World Cup, you might get the idea that football fans around the world are crazy. And the coaches, players, and managers as well. And you would be right. The stuff that happens around the world related to football is way wackier than anything you'll find here....and that includes the days when Dennis Rodman was still around (is he still alive?).

An example is the French team, where the players seemed to have gone to war with the coach, who apparently consults astrological signs before making his lineup. Or, take the English side. Not only are they being booed as they again fail to meet the over-inflated expectations of their lads, but a fan storms into the locker room to yell at them. Could you see a Jets fan doing that?....er, ok, so could I, and probably with a gun. But even before the cup started, the English had controversy, as their captain John Terry showed his leadership style by impregnating his mate's bird, as they say. I'd like to see ARod pull that one on Jeter!

Face it America, when it comes to sport lunacy, we are a second rate power. We don't shoot players who score against their own team (Columbia after the 1994 cup), stampede each other to death, or need a moat around the field to keep fans from storming the pitch to kill the ref (many South American countries). We think if we get drunk at the tailgate, paint our face, and take our shirts off in 10 degree weather we are crazy. We get outraged when a player salutes jeering fans with a single finger.

As more teams are eliminated, look for more crazy headlines about players yelling at coaches, fans attacking each other and their team, and secret romantic trists...and who knows what else. The soccer world is a wild and nutty place, and if America wants to move up in the world's most popular sport, we had better start behaving much worse!

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infogoddess said...

you forgot North Korea who likes to send their losers to prison camps