Sunday, April 4, 2010

New links!

Happy Easter. I personally find the existence of the Easter bunny as likely as the story this holiday is based on, but enjoy your ham.

I just wanted to point out a few links I have added to the friends list in the past few weeks.

I already had a link to Claire Walter's Culinary CO site, but she also has a another useful blog now called Mile High On The Cheap. Lots of good deals, especially if you have kids. Go visit and sign up for the daily email.

Mike Vasicek, who you can see nearly getting punched out by me in the murder mystery video below, also has what he calls a "two piece latin jazz orchestra" called Blue Mundo.

My friend Zo has a business arranging "humanitourism" trips...trips that combine good works with adventure travel.

Finally, I added a site to a tall thin auctioneer who will be happy to help your organization raise funds.

Check out all the links.

Now, is there anyone who won't be rooting for Butler tomorrow night?

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Budd Bailey said...

Now about the order of those links...

Signed, man who has gone to the Chopin Singing Society, near Sloan High School.