Friday, April 23, 2010

A few things on my mind.

The other day I attended a talk sponsored by Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (most of whom were still baked from celebrating 4/20) given by a former judge named Leonard Frieling from an organization called LEAP...Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. He was speaking mostly to the choir on the stupidity of our failed War on Drugs. Not much new to report really, except that there is an organization full of judges, cops and other former officials who recognize the waste and stupidity of a policy that has cost us billions without any positive results. You can visit their web site HERE.

I had to check to make sure I was reading the Denver Post and not The Onion this morning when I read this headline: "SEC staffers spent hours viewing porn at work". I then heard discussion of it on CNBC, with the idea that Republicans were going to use this as political fodder. Strange, these were people very high up in the SEC who should have been supervised by the appointees...and may even have been appointees...of our previous idiot President. The GOP will, I guess, say this an example of government waste. I would say it is an example of the actions of an administration that had no interest in doing the job the people elected it to do.

Finally, The NY Times has a long story today about how mining companies that are not run by evil bastards operate mines. Donald Blankenship, the CEO of Massey Energy, the owner of the mine that killed 24 people recently, can only be described as a complete scumbag. He obviously care about nothing but his own profits. Other than operating unsafe mines and stonewalling regulators, he has also dumped waste from blowing the tops off mountains in streams, polluting the water supply of surrounding communities, and bought the election of judges to make sure he could continue with his evil practices. We can only hope the government's investigation into the disaster in West Virginia will result in his indictment for murder, and this evil bastard goes to jail, where the other prisoners can do to him what he has been doing to the country for so many years.

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