Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Does this make too much sense for America?

Sunday I posted a link to Krugman's article on the economics of climate change. Today, in the NY Times Science section, THIS STORY appears about new, clean incinerators being used in Europe to turn garbage into energy in a way that emits fewer greenhouse gasses than landfills, and produces energy at a very low cost. Of course, we don't have any here in the US. I guess it makes too much sense.

The article states that instead of using this technology, NY city ships some of its garbage to Virginia via train, at a very high cost. But no, we wouldn't want to borrow a good idea from Europe....they're not Americans!

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Aleen said...

Are we too prideful to learn from European and Oriental cultures? Making energy from "garbage" seems to be a "win-win" opportunity, for sure.

It's sad that the medical and holistic "worlds" aren't more interested in collaborating on treatments and encouraging better nutrition and prevention of health problems, as well. . . Sadly, it's often a selfish, brutal world these days!