Monday, March 22, 2010


Ha! That's likely what is being said by the liars and scammers on Fox News. (If you don't think they are scammers, ask Glenn Beck how much money he's made on Gold while also promoting its purchase, and check out THIS STORY about Hannity's charity)

As I have said before, the health care bill is not perfect. Far from it. But it is a good start, and if it did not pass we could go another 16 years before anyone has the balls to take this up again, and we couldn't afford the last 16 year delay, let alone another. As Obama correctly said, and other intelligent commentators pointed out, the status quo was not sustainable. It would result in more Americans without health care, and the percent of GDP spent on health care would continue to climb. And if you think it is somehow moral, as apparently all the "good Christians" in the GOP do, to allow insurance companies to cancel your insurance once you get sick, and let you die, well, the the status quo was a great idea.

The biggest fault with the bill is that is does not do enough to control costs. It doesn't change the two big perverse incentives in our system: doctors getting paid for procedures instead of care, and tax free insurance as a employee benefit. Republicans actually had some decent ideas regarding cost control. Had they behaved like adults and negotiated in good faith, instead of behaving like 2 year olds, they might have gotten them inserted into the bill. And if they don't add more cost control to this package, health care will still head us towards bankruptcy as a nation.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck fans can grab their guns and stand by the window waiting for the Obama Brownshirts to come and take them to the concentration camps he has planned for white people.

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ClaireWalter said...

It passed. Isn't it grand? Hopefully, the most vicious aginners will have have their exit visas from Washington stamped in the next election or two.