Sunday, March 28, 2010

Man v Food v Banjo Billy

You know that show on The Travel Channel "Man v Food", where a guy named Adam travels around the country attempting ridiculous food related challenges? Me either. Well, that is, I had not heard of it until the middle of last week, when Banjo Billy told me they were coming to Boulder to shoot a show, and would be doing some shooting on the bus. He invited a bunch of his friends, include yours truly, to ride along. I asked him which we were going to be, but he didn't know. In fact, until we picked up the crew, we had no idea what they wanted to do. That's show biz!

If you've never been involved in shooting a movie or video, you would be shocked to know how much time goes in to producing so little entertainment. The gang from the show road around on the bus, stopping to shoot a few segments, for about 2 hours. The show is a half hour long show, which means, since it is on cable, that there is probably less than 20 minutes of actual show time. Considering that the show's focus is usually on the show's food challenge (in this case Adam eating 50 wings in 30 minutes at the West End Tavern) that means all that time went in to what will probably be about 3 minutes of actual TV time.

The upside is....well, we had fun. Adam and his crew were pretty cool for show biz people. The star joked around with everyone and seemed to really enjoy hanging out and drinking beer with us on the bus. And, for Banjo Billy it means a couple minutes of national exposure that cost him a few hours of his time and a few gallons of diesel fuel. Not bad!

Don't know when the show will be on, and you won't see me as anything but background, but I'll pass along any info I get.

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