Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness Never Disappoints

I don't watch much college hoop during the regular season. There are so many teams, so many games, so few players of note who stick around more than a year, that I find keeping up with it all too tiresome. So, I usually don't get interested until the NCAA tourney starts.

I don't know how long it's been called "March Madness", but it is aptly named. In fact, I would offer the notion that the annual basketball bash is the only sporting event that consistently lives up to it's hype. Super Bowls often suck, the World Series is too often won by the Yankees, the Olympics are usually ruined by scandal and silly events, and the World Cup tends to end a month of good football with the winner being decided by a shootout after 120 minutes of anal defense. But I can't remember ever saying "Boy, the NCAA tourney really sucked this year".

Of course, not all 63 games are gems, and the final has sometimes been less than stellar. But watching Murray State win on that last minute shot yesterday is the kind of thing that makes me a sports fan (even though I had Vandy making the "Elite 8"). And I'm sure I'll be treated to more fun like that. And, since I have a bit of flesh in the game, I care about most every game.

The worst part of the event is the lame coverage by CBS, who seem to think they are covering one game at a time, not an event. Too often, one game will end, and they will go to interviews or studio talking heads instead of cutting immediately to more action. Why they would think we care what Clark Kellogg has to say about what we just saw more than a game that is on is a complete mystery. For those of you who are not aware, you can now watch all the games on your computer at the CBS March Madness site.

You may have heard of the clinic that was suggesting that Tuesday was the best day to have a vasectomy, as it requires sitting around for 4 days after the surgery, thus giving a guy the perfect excuse to lie on the couch and watch hoop. While this sounds like a clever strategy, I would suggest that if a guy needs to go that far to get his wife's permission to watch basketball, that, well, he can't have very much down there to get snipped. Maybe that explains why I've never been married!


Budd Bailey said...

Rock Shocked Jayhawk!

beth said...

As your loving sister, I opine that many other things explain why you never married.