Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is this, Crazy Day?

I think these 2 crazy events are unrelated:
1) The US beats the #1 team in the world, Spain. And not Spain's D team, the real guys, the guys who all play on the best teams in the world. Bravo USA. Don't miss the rematch against Brazil on Sunday.

2) And the news comes out that SC Gov. Mark Sanford was not hiking the Appalachian Trail, he was visiting his girlfriend in Rio. This is the ultra-conservative guy who rejected stimulus package funding in an effort to forward his presidential credentials with the GOP far right (is that redundant?). Now his career is as dead as the late-great Ed McMahon. And if Ed were around he'd say "HIYOOOOOO"!

This day is so crazy I can't wait to see what animals might be doing to each other on the ranch across the street.

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