Sunday, June 21, 2009

So, Americans don't want more government in health care?

Every time I see a discussion of health care reform on TV there is a Republican parroting the party line that Americans don't want the government involved in their health care. That, of course, is because we are all enamored of the fair and equitable treatment we receive from our insurers when we actually get sick and need out coverage to cover us. And, you wouldn't want a government bureaucrat deciding what treatment you get, because it is much better to have an insurance company bureaucrat, who income depends on not paying for your coverage, to make that decision. I think that is the GOP argument. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

Well, it looks like the GOP and Fox News are not getting the propaganda job done. Take a look at the NY Times/CBS poll in today's times. Americans want a government program. Even among those identifying themselves as Republicans, 50% do.

I think what this says is that Americans know our system is so screwed up that even the government can't make it worse.

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