Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dialing for Obama

Wednesday night I was part of a group of about 45 people in Denver who watched Obama health care discussion on ABC for a research company, with a dial in hand. Someone wanted to know how we felt about everything Obama said, so we were given a remote box with a dial that went from 1-100. Starting at 50 being neutral, we turned it up if we liked what he said, and down if we didn't.

Did I like it or not? I was astounded that there was no one in the room (the one with Obama, not the one I was in) who thinks our health care system needs no change (but then, ABC picked the people in the room). My problem with Obama is that he is failing the audacity test. Our health care system doesn't need minor changes, it needs to be blown up completely and re-started. It is costly, inefficient, ineffective, and unfair. It SUCKS!!!

The problem is, Obama is trying to get everyone on board, which means, just like the "climate change" legislation, it will be watered down with goodies for special interests who are currently getting rich of our stupid system. Therefore, we will get some lame changes that will be politically palatable to enough people to pass, and not fix the problems. The only good thing is that it is pretty impossible to see how any changes that occur could make our abortion of a system any worse.

As a side note, I had dinner with Fiona before I went to this thing. I did not know what I was going to do at this "research thing", but we did end up talking a bit about health care. She said her dad, who is 84 and starting to become a bit senile, recently had knee replacement surgery. How crazy is that! But the doctor who talked him into it gets a nice chunk of change for wasting our tax dollars.

Please, Mr. President, show us some of the "Audacity" when it comes to this issue. Politics as usual, won't work. And there is no use trying to be bi-partisan, since the GOP just wants to stop anything from happening. Tell them to shove it, and fix this mess. (Obama does read my blog, doesn't he?)

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