Monday, May 25, 2009

How tough are these military guys?

Today is the running of the Bolder Boulder 10k race, a very big deal here. Unfortunately, my knees told me not to run long distances a few years ago, so I no longer participate. But, I did head out for a bike ride this morning, while many of the 40k+ runners are heading to the start.

As I stopped for a red light near my house, a soldier was walking along, dressed in full combat kit....helmet, boots, back pack, even putting on protective elbow pads as I came up next to him. I asked if there was some kind of battle going on in town I was not aware of. He replied that he and his unit were doing the BB in full gear.

Now I have run this race before, in shorts and good running shoes, and a 10k race is a pretty good work out. I can't imagine doing it with an extra 50 pounds of stuff on, long pants, and army boots. Exactly how tough are these guys anyway? Sure glad they are on our side!

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ClaireWalter said...

When you join Uncle's Army, some unsympathetic sergeant whips you into shape so that you can do 10K in full battle gear. Just in case. Not that I've experienced it, but my husband did back in the days of the draft.